I Asked God

I Asked God

I asked for Strength
And God gave me difficulties to make me Strong

I Asked for Wisdom
And God Gave me problem to solve

I Asked for Prosperity
And God gave me my body and my brain with which to work

I Asked for Courage
And God gave me dangers to overcome

I Asked God for Love
And God gave me trouble people to help

I asked God for Favors
And God gave me opportunities

I received nothing I wanted but instead

I received everything I needed

by Komaruddin Hidayat SBI Madania Parung, 20 April 2004



Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang mana yang kau dustakan?

(QS Ar Rahmaan (55) : 45)

NB. Ayat ini diulang hingga 31 kali dalam QS Ar Rahmaan… Subhanallah. Sungguh saya hanya seorang hamba yang tidak punya rasa syukur… karena cintaNYA padaku…. Ampunilah ya Allah


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  1. Dan itu diulang beberapa kali
    Karena kita memang seringkali tak menyadari
    Betapa tak terkira nikmat Yang Allah beri

    Hmmm saya merasa sangat bebal sebagai manusia… yang tidak punya rasa syukur

  2. Just wanted to let you know that the above poem is excerpted was from a sufi poetry sung by a great mystic in the old days in the indo iranian mainland. And sufism is originating from contact of Islam with the enobbling aspects of the ancient and glorious culture of the sanatana dharama ( westerners named it hinduism, for lack of better understanding)

    Wah wah wah… I am glad and very very thankfull for your information.
    Its enlighting me that… I should read more and more…
    Jazakallahu khairan katsiran
    By the way.. I put “the name” under my writing, because.. that’s all I know about that poem…

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